Helping Business Owners Chart Their Exit Strategy

Exit Signs provides a practical set of maps unique to the tsunami wave of business owners who will be looking to sell their companies in the next five to ten years. Using the metaphor of a road trip — of maps, GPS, directions, and hazard warning signs — it helps you navigate the course of leaving with pride, a profit and a legacy. Exit Signs conveys the lessons of my journey — of leading and owning a business and in working with owners and leaders. It conveys the importance of leading in ways that let you leave a sustainable business profitably and with a legacy of which you are proud. Learn more about the book.

Map Your Personal Exit Strategy

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Imagining What’s Next

It’s a new year, may it be a rewarding one! What does that mean to you? If you’re a long-time business owner it may mean continued growth and profitability or maybe just a year better than the last. If you’re like 75% of business owners you’re counting on the year...

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Seatbelts Save Lives — But We Know That

Auto seatbelts have been around for over a seventy-five years. Remember those two-point lap belts in the fifties?  Seatbelt installation wasn’t required in US cars until 1966. By 1981, only 11 percent of US drivers used them. It wasn’t until 1989 that most states...

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